Regenerate Health and Wellness Retreat

18-20th October – Only 20 spots available

The Changing Habits Farm is home to the Regenerate Health and Wellness Retreat, a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and transform your health. This retreat provides a comprehensive experience designed to help you reconnect with the natural world and harness its healing power. By integrating various practices and skills, you’ll learn how to elevate your physical and mental well-being.

From understanding the importance of circadian rhythms to grounding yourself by connecting directly with the earth, the retreat offers a holistic approach to health. You’ll explore the benefits of natural bathing, enhance your microbiome with spore-based microbes from the farm’s environment, and engage in breathwork that utilizes the natural elements around you. Additionally, you’ll source and consume nutritious foods directly from the farm, experience the health benefits of exposure to the natural elements, and learn practical skills to incorporate into your daily life.

For the accommodation (*glamping tents), we would like to acknowledge that there are 10 glamping tents available for 20 people. When making a booking, please be aware that you will be sharing a tent with another retreat attendee. The beds can be arranged as either a queen or two singles. Please specify your preference when booking online in the comments field.

All Meals included. For further information, please visit the retreat page.


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